Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Spring Wreath: Renewal and Rebirth

It's snowing white crabapple blossoms all over town, a sure sign of Spring's progression.  The white petals are falling like snowflakes on lilacs.

I love the change of seasons.  It’s like Ukraine--four distinct times of year with nature in all its glories and transfigurations.  Now come the cherry blossoms and the red bud, next the lilacs, soon thereafter the iris and lillies.

Some veterans here would say we didn’t have much of a winter, but we did have snow, bare branches in various shades of brown, rust and red, and some cold days. I watched some of the most awesome sunsets and moon rises through those branches.  That’s more winter than we got in Florida, when I was living in Saints Petersburg.

Yeah, Fran, but it was a mild winter, and anyway, you were in San Miguel, Mexico, for a few months enjoying the warmth and bougainvilla, remember?

Sure, but now I’m witnessing the ending of winter and the coming of spring in Ohio, the flowering and greening of trees and bushes, the arrival of robins and the lengthening of days.  The lilacs, so plentiful in Starobelsk, are about to burst open.  The hosta and other perennials are pushing up through the ground.  I’ve already planted pansies, and am looking forward to adding other annuals.   Neighbor Judi and I will plant our vegetable garden too.

In the meantime, I made another spring wreath today. It's my second.  I've been  in Sylvania, Ohio, one year.  This wreath is bright and cheerful, with a brass Chinese symbol of happiness in the center.  That was a long-ago gift from a Tampa friend, Linda.  It reminds me that “to everything there is a season.”   

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