Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ola Mexico!

Street scenes, the colors of SMA, crafts, doors and windows.
I did buy the Lupercio painting in the center!
Below, the flag, churches, a woman doll maker.  

Some things are unigue to a place, define it and the culture.  Like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India; the Pyramids in Egypt and the Valley of the Kings near Luxor; the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia's in Istanbul;  the Vatican in Rome and the Duomo in Florence;  Wenseslas Square with its magical clock in Prague;  St Mary's church in Krakow; the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.    

Beyond the landmarks are the scenes of daily life, the history, the folklife of a place, which evoke such interest and joy. Watching craftspeople and artists at work, women embroidering, men digging and plastering, rug makers and sellers, ubiquitous hawkers, children coming from school, holiday parades and celebrations, families gathering on their sabbaths, evidence of conquests and triumphs, friends greeting one another on the street, musicians playing on street corners and at cafes.    

Here are some scenes, above photos, that say "Mexico" to me.  The bright colors of buildings and nature;  the elderly women who make traditional dolls; the architecture; the cobbled stone streets; the intricately carved doors, painted windows and bountiful crafts; and in San Miguel, the elegant Parroquia, catching the sun during the day, lit up like a heavenly star at night.  It centers this place.  It says San Miguel.  Ola, Mexico!     
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