Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mom's Day Filled with Love

It was the best Mother’s Day! My daughters Elissa and Michelle were here, in my pysanky-painted little apartment, along with their children, Michelle’s partner Mike Adams, little Chase growing well in his mom’s tummy, and Julia’s son, my great-grandson, Philip. We had a great brunch of quiches prepared by Michelle, coffee by Elissa, fruit, coffee cake and cookies, and pretty flowers and plants from my firstborn grandchild, Julia. Four moms together. We exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other’s company. Elissa and Michelle got me a GPS navigation software for my car (can’t wait to get it going), aware of my being geographically challenged. I also got Sylvania gift items and homemade cards (always the best, so sweet, filled with loving messages) and little gifts from my grandchildren. Michelle gave me a funny card (On the cover: “Do you remember when I was the perfect child?” Open the card: “Neither do I!”). Alli modeled her prom dress for us, very beautiful. The boys filled the house with playfulness and nonstop activity.

My grandchildren are growing up fast, and I’m here to watch it happen. The sun shone brightly in Sylvania, and we thanked God for our blessings. And I, remembering my dear mom, and my dad and Loren, also thanked the goddess for bringing harmony and joy to our family on earth, and a mother’s day filled with love.

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