Saturday, July 30, 2011

Michelle's New Home

Boy was she happy to get the keys! My daughter Michelle just bought her first house, a charming 100-year old bungalow in historic Sylvania, Ohio. It’s such an achievement. The house is around the corner from my apartment on Main Street and a few blocks up the street from her sister Elissa’s place. It amazes us still how close we are, really close, now all in the same neighborhood. It feels like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

Michelle’s new house has been rehabbed and renovated; it’s in great shape. Of course she has lots of ideas for fixing it up, adding a porch, landscaping. But that will take time. She is eight months pregnant with her fourth child, Chase Adams, in the hospital on complete bed rest. Great timing! Her doctor gave her permission, keys in hand, to join partner Mike Adams to go to the house after the signing, which took place in the hospital. Michelle and Mike had a grand opening! Then Michelle went back to the hospital, gave us some directions, and we got to work!

It’s a good thing we’re all here to help. Her children, Alli, Josh and Kyle, my daughter Elissa, and her daughter Julia, packed up Michelle’s apartment and helped move it all over to the new house, with the added help of mover Dean and his crew of two sturdy college students. So much stuff, so many boxes, so many pictures, closet stuff, kitchen stuff, kids' stuff, tons of it, and artwork, appliances, and odds and ends, like things in the garage. I pitched in, too, wrapping, boxing, hauling, moving. Then on Saturday and Sunday we unpacked it all and got rid of one box after another. A huge job (as you know if you've ever moved). We got it done for Michelle!

New house, new baby on the way, new ways to celebrate. Life’s good!
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